The Chaminade Music Club of Attleboro, named after Cécile Chaminade, was founded in 1912. That same year, she sent to the Club a dedicated copy of her Melodies, acknowledging the honor.

In 1908, Cécile Chaminade appeared in the United States, at Boston's Symphony Hall, in a program of her piano and songs. We have that program, probably attended by a future Club founder, either Mrs. Marion Eccleston (first president, 1912), Mrs. Edna Briggs (president, 1912-1913), or Mrs. Kathleen Rounseville (president 1913-1914).

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Ann Sears gives talk about the history of
​The Chaminade Music Club at presentation to the North Attleboro Historical Society.

Cecile Chaminade

French pianist and composer of piano pieces, songs, and chamber music